How to tell if a parent is a child neglect victim

A woman in Florida says she was forced to pay a $3,000 bill to a company to fix her teeth, despite her being in the best physical shape of her life.Melissa Broussard claims she was bullied into paying the bill by her stepfather after she was diagnosed with stage 3 thyroid cancer in 2013.“I was […]

Why a child’s health care may depend on a dentist

Children with severe dental problems or other problems in their mouth, such as gum disease, may need a specialist dental office.It is estimated that 20 percent of children with a dental problem need dental care and another 20 percent need specialized care.These are just the kids who can’t go to a dental clinic, according to […]

When Will It Be Done?: Kids’ Choice of Children’s Dentistry

Parents of young children who are allergic to all types of dentures are being asked to take extra care with their dentures.The children’s dental insurance company, LASD, is offering free or low-cost dental care to anyone who signs up for the LASDs Children’s Choice program.The dental insurance program covers up to 100 people for dental […]

How to Choose Your Children’s Dentists

Kids and teens love to go to doctors.It’s no secret they love doctors.But what is the best dentist for them?And what are the top dental practices in your area?This article will help you find out the answers to these questions and more.This article is an excerpt from Dr. James C. Schaffer’s book, The Best Dentists […]

When will your dentist’s appointment start?

Posted November 24, 2018 09:14:01 In the past, the dentist might come in for a routine checkup.Nowadays, most dentists use a different approach, with appointments to treat a specific condition, such as a broken bone or a toothache.But even if you haven’t had any problems before, you can start the process by scheduling an appointment.Dentists […]

How to choose the best dental care for your child

The best dental services are the ones that have proven to be beneficial for children and their families.Here’s how to pick the best pediatric dental and children’s care services for your children.If you want to know more about the best dentist and pediatric dental practices in your area, check out our comprehensive guide to dental […]

‘Biggest scam in history’: Biggest scam ever: ‘It’s not worth it’

In February, The Associated Press reported on the largest cryptocurrency scam ever, in which a group of criminals broke into the servers of a U.S. bank and stole hundreds of millions of dollars worth of the cryptocurrency.The FBI is investigating the crime, and has accused some of the criminals of “engaging in a massive scam […]

What’s the best care for your child’s teeth?

Low cost dental health care can provide you with the highest quality of care and most comprehensive dental care at the lowest cost, according to a new study.The research from the University of Oxford found that people with a high school education or less had the highest rates of dental caries, and a young person […]

How to Choose a Top 20 American Dental Care List

1 of 1 Parents and families in America are being bombarded with information about dental care from a new American DontCare campaign.The campaign, which is being spearheaded by the American Academy of Pediatrics, was launched last week by the company American Damp, which sells dental care to children and families.Children and families can purchase dental […]

When will you be able to apply for a pacific dental health care card?

Posted January 07, 2020 06:11:30 The National Dental Association (NDA) is warning that people applying for a dental health card in Australia may need to wait up to three years to get their medical card.Key points: NDAs’ chief executive Dr Peter Jones says Australia’s health system is in crisisThe NDAs has said the system is […]

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