I got my daughter’s birthday dresser yesterday.

I was a little hesitant about having it.

I had been thinking about it for about a week or so, and had always thought that the color and pattern of the flowers would be the most striking things about it.

It was a pretty, simple design.

I didn’t know why the color scheme was so special.

I did have a couple of suggestions though.

One, the flower pattern is pretty.

It’s just black, red, and green, which is pretty in a black-and-white way.

And the floral motifs on the front and back are really striking.

I could see the design getting a little bit flamboyant on the outside, but it was nice and soft on the inside.

I also think it would be cool to have a little more decoration on the top of the dresser.

It would be fun to have that little floral bouquet that I get at my local craft store, where you can pick up a little piece of the flower that makes up the floral pattern.

There’s also a little flower box that I’m going to try and make for my son’s birthday, which I think would be great to decorate.

I would have loved to get that on my own.

But the best thing about this dresser?

It’s so simple.

It has a floral pattern that I can easily recreate with my kids’ help.

It takes less than an hour to make the dress for two, and it’s really pretty.

I love how simple and fun it is to decorating my daughters dresser!

What’s the best DIY project you’ve made?

Make a flower bed.

It works for both boys and girls, and I love that you can make one that’s just for you or a family member.

I got it on Amazon and it has a beautiful floral pattern, which would make a great gift or make it a little special for your daughter’s party.

What other DIY projects do you love?

Make some mini flowers!

If you’ve never made a flowerbed before, you can definitely make one with this one.

I just love the way it looks and how it can be used as decoration.

It really helps bring the decorating to life.

I made one last year for my sister’s wedding, which was pretty fun.

You can also decorate your own mini flowerbeds.

They’re not really as complicated as a flowerbox or mini flower bed, but you can still get creative.

What would you add to your DIY list?

I’d definitely love to try some of the more colorful and fun decorating patterns that are on Amazon.

There are so many options!

What is your favorite DIY project?

Make your own little flowerbed!

I love making flower beds, and this is one of the easiest ones I’ve ever made.

You just pick a flower and fill it with whatever color you want.

And it doesn’t take much to make a beautiful, colorful flowerbed.

And you can have them in a lot of different colors and patterns.