A hospital has been offering discounted dental care to its dental patients for the last few weeks, but it appears to be a glitch.

The discount is in the form of a voucher.

This voucher can be used at any dental clinic and is valid for two years.

The dentists who use the voucher will also receive a discount on their bills.

Dr David McDonagh, who is in charge of dental services at the Royal Hospital of Wales, told the BBC that he did not think that the vouchers were being used by dentists to get discounted dental services.

He said: “It was the first time that I had heard of it and it was something that was mentioned to me in the dental clinics.”

“I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The dentist said that he saw it when he had the voucher and they were selling it, and I think that was a miscommunication.”‘

“It’s a mistake.””

They should have used a voucher,” he said.

“It’s a mistake.”

But the hospital is refusing to apologise and has said that it would look into the matter.

Dental experts are not the only ones who are upset by the move.

The National Association of GPs, who are part of the National Dental Association, said that the hospital was “unfit for purpose”.

“It’s totally wrong and totally outrageous that anyone would use the dental vouchers to make money for themselves,” they said.

NAGP said that there was a “real risk” that the voucher could be used by “carers” to make themselves look better.

“That is a very dangerous situation and it’s quite difficult to understand why they would be using this as a way to make people look better,” it said.

“There’s a real risk that this could be an attempt to cover their own costs and that could potentially harm patients and their families.”

It could also have a direct effect on the dentists themselves.

“We can’t imagine how the hospital would find out about it if it was a routine practice.”

They may have to have a separate voucher for themselves.

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