Catsworth is a small town of about 10,000 people on the Sunshine Coast, and the local council has a long-standing reputation for making it a place where everyone can enjoy the outdoors.

“I think a lot of kids here are looking forward to summer because we have a great summertime program and a lot going on in the community,” Catonsville council’s principal minister, Wayne Wills, said.

“And we have had a lot this year, as well.”

The Sunshine Coast Regional Council has a number of programs aimed at keeping children active.

One program is called the Catsworth Dental Challenge.

It involves teaching kids how to clean teeth, and then putting them to the test.

“You put a toothpaste in front of them and say ‘what does it do?'”

Ms Wills said.

They’re asked to use a tooth brush to remove the grit from their teeth, then use their fingers to help them with the process.

Ms Wills says the program was developed to get kids back to school and away from the heat.

“We don’t have any kids that are over-excited about going out to the beach, because it’s really not something we want them to do,” she said.

Ms Tait said she has noticed a change in how kids are doing.

“They’re really looking forward,” she explained.

“As they get older, they’re just more likely to have more leisure time, and that is good.”

Ms Tai said she wanted her kids to be as active as possible, so the challenge was a chance to get them moving again.

“There’s always a bit of a rush at the start, but then you’re getting them back into it again,” she told 7.30.

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