Carmel mountain has become the country’s first dental clinic.

Key points:Dental care for people living in the state’s south-west is being relocated to Carmel MoundDental clinics in Hobart are opening to accommodate the increase in demand from Carmelmountains dental clinicA major new dental facility is being built at Carmel MountainsMountain residents say they are “stressed” about the impact of the dental crisis on the region’s economyThe new dental clinic is being planned for Carmel Mtains north-west.

A major dental clinic in Hobarts has been established in Carmel.

Residents in the Carmel mountains town of Cobell Mound say they have felt “stress and anxiety” about what is happening to the region.

“We’re not used to it, so it’s really tough to adjust to it,” resident John Rains said.

The Carmel mountaintop community has been hit by an increase in dental visits.

“When you have more people in the area, you have people coming to your area and the number of visits has been increasing,” Dr Brian Johnson, who works at Carmels main dental clinic, said.

Dr Johnson said the number and cost of dental visits were “getting higher and higher” and it was difficult for residents to maintain dental hygiene.

“The community needs to be able to be on top of that,” he said.

“It’s the people in Cobell and surrounding areas that are suffering the most.”

He said there had been a rise in people visiting the clinic from Hobart.

“There’s more people coming here, so they’re getting more visits and that’s when we’re seeing some of the problems we’ve been seeing with the dental clinic,” he explained.

“They’re trying to do everything they can to stop people from going into Cobell.”

People come in and say ‘why are you not here, we’ve got dental problems’.

“It just makes us feel really, really stressed.”

The Carmels new dental centre is being developed at the Carmels North East Primary School.

Dr Rains explained that while it was “the worst thing”, the new dental clinics “are an opportunity to provide dental care to the community in Hobell”.

“We want to have people here so they can have the dental care that they need,” he added.

Carmel Mtines residents have been told they could come to Cobell for a dental checkup if they wanted to.

“What’s important is that you get a dental scan before you go,” Dr Johnson said.

“The scans are good.”

The dentist said it was a “huge step” in Carmels dental clinics to “support the community”.

“It really means that the dental services that we’re providing are helping people in their day to day lives and they’re benefiting the community,” he remarked.

Cobell Mtains community will host a community forum on Monday, March 26 to discuss the dental plan.