| New York, NY — New York Times article  The New York State Health Department has ordered the closure of a popular dental clinic and medical office in Brooklyn, a move aimed at slowing the rising number of Americans who are dying prematurely because of complications of dental care. 

The state Department of Health Services (DHSS) announced Monday that the dental clinic, NewYork Dental (NYDL), would close on Wednesday, according to a statement posted on the state’s website. 

“We have to keep working to get the community back to health,” said Dr. David Ziegler, director of the state Department for Health. 

According to DHSS, New York Dental was the first of its kind to open in the state in the 1990s.

The health department had previously shut down two clinics and a dental clinic in the city, but NYDL’s closure will result in about 50 dentists working from home, mostly for less than $25,000 a year. 

In addition to its dental clinics, New York Dural offers dental services to the general public, including to those with health problems such as diabetes and asthma. 

Its patients include students, seniors, the disabled and the elderly, as well as people with chronic health conditions. 

Dental clinics were a mainstay in the New York City health care system for decades, and there were a few exceptions in the past. 

But there was no national exception until about 20 years ago, when the government decided that the practice of dentistry was no longer necessary. 

By the mid-2000s, New Yorkers were spending nearly $6 billion annually on dental care inpatient and outpatient, according to DHSS. 

Many people, especially older people, went without dentures because of pre-existing conditions.

 For many, the cost of federal Medicaid, which provides free dental treatment to some of the nation’s poorest residents, is a major factor in the health care problems faced by New Yorkers. 

A recent report by The Urban Institute found that in the years since the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) declared that a number of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas were experiencing a health crisis, overwhelming state and local governments had been unable to meet their mandate to provide dental care and finance dental care for all patients as part of their state and local budgets. After the fiscal cliff disaster of September 2012, President Barack Obama and his top officials announced a plan to fund the national exemption for dental care for all residents. 

While further research is needed to determine the full scope of health care problems facing the country, a large number of states have declared they will continue to fund non-Medicaid state health insurance for all patient regions. 

 New York is one of the five major countries that have declined to provide non Medicaid state health insurance to all of its patrol officers. 

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NYC’s medical medical center has been operating for over 50 years and has been recommended by DHHS to be a priority for DHSS for the next 10 years. 

During the past year, NY Dont Hate Dentists has raised several million dollars for DHS programs including recovery funds, medical education for students and a special program to help all New York residents with special needs acquire a denture through the Dont Hate Hobby Center. 

NYDontHateDentist specializes in medical care for those who need dental remedies to ease their pain and maintain their teeth through dental surgeries. 

It also offers free DPS care to patrons who need medical treatment for their treatments and has a list of all its medical centers. 

On Monday, DPD announced that the city would close the dental clinic on Tuesday, December 12 to allow a temporary preliminary reopening for people who have gone home to care for their health. 

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