Angel dental care can be very soothing for those who are suffering from dental problems.

But it can be extremely unpleasant for patients, who may be unable to get the right treatment at the right time.

Angel dental care providers, or EDS, are looking for doctors who can treat their patients with the same care that is offered by doctors in the public health system.

They say that they are the best option for patients who suffer from chronic dental conditions, which include cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay.EDS is a company that is located in Pune, India.

Its founder and chief executive officer, Gaurav Jain, is an expert in the field of holistic dental care.

He has a PhD in applied physics from the Institute of Nuclear Physics in India and is also a member of the Indian Academy of Medical Sciences.EOS, a non-profit organisation that works on the development of technology-based solutions for the dental health sector, was launched in 2013.

Jain said that EOS is focused on the holistic dental health segment.

He said that their goal is to create a platform that helps patients, especially those who have tooth decay, get the treatment they need.

Eos is not an accredited hospital.

The EOS team of dentists are trained in a holistic manner and are able to prescribe a holistic treatment based on the medical and clinical information of the patient.

The dental care services offered by EOS are designed to be non-invasive and provide high quality care to all patients, Jain added.