I’ve lived in L.A. for more than two years now, but I’ve only had one dental appointment in the past six months.

My jaw is swollen, and I’ve had to wear a pair of band-aids for a week.

I need to make an appointment in a few weeks to make a new denture, and the city won’t pay for it.

I can’t afford the $20 deductible, either, so I’m looking for an affordable alternative to the free dental care offered by Los Angeles County. 

I’ve been looking at dental services from around the country, and in LACD’s new “free emergency care near you” program, I was able to find the closest and most affordable service near me.

I got an appointment at the dental office that my doctor suggested I check out, but that dentist’s office is only a few blocks away from where I live.

I also saw a dentist near my home and had a second appointment a few days later.

The program is free for residents of L.C. and L.D. who have no dental insurance, but residents of all other counties are eligible for discounts, including residents of Los Angeles. 

For the most part, the program is easy to navigate.

I filled out a few forms and paid with my debit or credit card, and a $10 application fee was deducted for the service. 

The program includes free oral care in Lacey, Pasadena, and Northridge.

It’s not free in Culver City or Orange, though I’d like to see a free visit to Pasadena for residents who have a chronic condition. 

After filling out the application, I went to the LAC dental office to see my dentist.

I told my dentist about my health problems and asked if I could take a test to make sure I’m eligible for the discount. 

He didn’t know, so he took the test and said it was OK. 

My dental appointment was scheduled for this Friday, June 23, but he had no idea when it would happen, so it took him longer than expected. 

His office was filled up with patients, and when I saw the receptionist, she had my teeth cleaned, and she explained that if I needed an appointment for my next visit, I’d have to pay an extra $20 for it and have a second test. 

While I was waiting for my second appointment, I also talked to the reception staff, who assured me I was eligible for a free appointment. 

It was the second time that I had paid for a dental service in LACE.

The first time, I paid $2.80 for a routine visit in Pasadena, which cost me $15. 

“What can I do to make it more affordable?”

I asked. 

They explained that it depends on where you live, but they suggested I make an online request. 

Unfortunately, LAC is one of only three areas in the county that doesn’t offer online payment. 

That’s a big deal for me, because I live in a poor neighborhood and have limited income.

If I could just make the extra $2 a month, it would be a big relief. 

If you’re looking for affordable dental care and want to try the LACE program, here’s what you can do: If the dentist is in Los Angles, it’s a good idea to go to LAC’s office at Culver Boulevard and East Hollywood Boulevard to make the appointment.

You’ll need to bring a credit card with you and a cashier’s check. 

There’s a $2 fee for every appointment, but it’s not as high as some other counties. 

Make sure to tell the dentist about your health conditions and ask about the discount if he or she doesn’t know about it. 

A $20 fee is waived for people who qualify for Medicaid. 

Here are a few tips: You don’t need a prescription for the free appointment, which is good because it’s free.

You can pay for a full-body dental exam with a doctor’s appointment or a nurse practitioner visit.

You don’t have to bring your own medication. 

You can bring a doctor and a nurse if you have insurance and are eligible. 

Avoid the dentist in the morning.

He or she may not know about the program, so you can’t call and ask to see them right away. 

Don’t get the free visit until you’re ready to pay.

Make sure you’re willing to make payments upfront, so that the dentist can check you out and make the referral. 

In LACE, you’ll get a coupon for a $15 discount, so there’s no need to worry about paying extra. 

When you do, contact the dental service closest to you and let them know you’re interested.

You won’t be charged any extra fees, but the discount will be applied to