A recent study from Dentist’s Online found that the UK has the highest number of dental providers in the world. 

According to the study, dental clinics across the UK account for around one-fifth of all dentists worldwide, making them the second largest market after the US. 

In the UK, there are four dental schools and one dental hospital with over 2,200 licensed practitioners in all. 

For the study’s top ten UK providers, it’s worth taking a look at the average number of patients each provider delivers per patient.


Royal London, London, England2.

London Health and Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, London3.

Royal Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich4.

NHS North, London5.

Royal Sussex Hospital, Sussex6.

Royal Surrey Hospital, Surrey7.

NHS Somerset, Somerset8.

Royal Brompton Hospital, London9.

Royal Lothian Hospital, Lancashire10.

NHS Southampton, SouthamptonIn the US, there’s no such disparity, but the highest-ranked US dentist is in Boston, Massachusetts, which has more than 5,000 dental clinics. 

The top five US dental schools include Boston University, Boston Children’s Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Beth Rady Children’s Medical Center and Children’s Memorial Hospital. 

Other US schools include the University of Minnesota, University of Chicago, University Hospital of Minnesota Duluth, the University at Buffalo, University Medical Center in Rochester, University at Albany, and the University Of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 

There are more than 800,000 residents in the United States and more than 2.4 million people live in the US according to the US Census Bureau. 

A list of the top ten dental schools in the country can be found here. 

How to buy dental care in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand1.

American Dental Association2.

American Society of Dental Hygienists3.

American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons4.

American Academy of Family Physicians5.

American Medical Association6.

American Dietetic Association7.

American Public Health Association8.

American Cancer Society9.

American Heart Association10.

American Dentistry Association1.

Dental Academy of America2.

National Dental Institute3.

National Association of Oral Surgeons (NANOS)4.

DIAUSA (American Dental Informatics Association)5.

DDS International6.

Association of Dentists of America7.

Institute of Dentsurgical Sciences8.

Institute for Oral and maxillofacial Surgery9.

Society of Oral Pathologists10.

Orthodontic AssociationIn Australia, there is no disparity, as dentists are ranked first in the nation. 

Australian Dental Associations have about 1,800 members, which means there are over 1.2 million dentists in Australia. 

However, Australia’s highest-ranking dentist is in Melbourne, and he’s also ranked in the top-10 in the U.S. as well. 

Here’s how the Australian dentists rank in the overall top ten in the best-ranked dental market in Australia according to Dentist Online.1.

Dentist Australia1.

John Gogarty, The John Goggs, P.A.2.

Paul Rimmer, Dentist of Western Australia3.

John F. Wilson, The Paul Wilson Group4.

James W. Brown, Dentists of New South Wales5.

David H. Kettlewell, Dentistry of Queensland6.

David W. Fauci, Denticarian of New York7.

Professor Peter W. Taylor, Dental Surgeon of Australia8.

Dr. Michael C. Brown8.

Professor John P. O’Donnell9.

Professor Michael B. McCall, Professor of Dentistry, DDS, and Dental Epidemiologist10.

Professor Richard H. Cairns, Associate Professor of DENTICLES and DentistryProfessor John Gower, Director of DDS Australia, says dentists across the world are focused on meeting the demand for safe, effective dental care.

“Dental health care is a priority for Australia’s dental professionals, with the latest advances in technology allowing for the dental health care workforce to be more efficient, safe and efficient, with a greater degree of predictability,” Professor Gower says.

“In the U, dental care has become increasingly focused on improving the health and well-being of dental patients and is now being seen as an important part of a person’s overall wellness.”

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