Millions of Americans have no choice but to rely on emergency dental care for routine needs like a toothbrush and dental fillings, but a new survey suggests many others have little choice but not to rely at all.

The survey of 7,000 people found that more than half of adults said they are not likely to be able to afford the services they need if they do not have dental insurance, even though most said they did not consider themselves to be “low-income.”

“Many people who cannot afford dental care do not think that the cost will be affordable, or that they can afford the care,” said Dan Lott, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania who conducted the study.

“That makes a lot of sense.”

Lott said that in many instances, the uninsured have been told they can’t get dental care at all because of a lack of dental coverage.

The survey also found that nearly a quarter of adults say they would not go to a doctor if they were not able to get dental insurance coverage.

And nearly half of the uninsured said they would be less likely to use health care if they had dental coverage, the survey found.

“People are trying to make their dental care less expensive and less expensive than it is,” Lott said.

“And if they can, that’s a good thing.”

Some health care experts have argued that if you don’t have dental coverage your doctor might not be able treat you.

But the survey data suggested many adults are not aware that the vast majority of their doctors are not insured, and that some may not even know they are uninsured.

“The people who are uninsured, they are unaware that their doctor is covered,” Lauer said.

“We’re trying to provide some hope that we’re going to make it work, and it’s not going to be easy,” he said.

More than 2,500 Americans were surveyed between April and June and the findings were based on an online survey of 1,000 adults.

The researchers found that those who did not have coverage had the highest rates of non-medical spending, including health care and prescription drugs.

The study also found many people said they were worried about paying for dental care in the future because they were concerned about losing coverage for emergency dental services.

“Dental care is really critical to having a healthy life, but we are seeing a lot more and more Americans are not getting dental care because they don’t know they’re uninsured,” said Katherine Gertner, a research associate at the Kaiser Family Foundation.

Lott added that most people with health insurance do not need to worry about dental care.

“A lot of people who have insurance do really well,” he told reporters.

“They’re not going out to a dentist every day.”