Posted September 15, 2019 06:24:49New deal for all dental care in the state is ending a “sick” care system in which many residents had to pay more for their treatment, the government has said.

Health Minister Michael Cullen said the state government would introduce a plan to stop people from having to pay extra for the treatment they received.

“People will now be able to go home to their families, they will be able come back to their workplaces and work,” he said.

“It’s a big change for the system.”

State Health Minister Michael Clarke says he will introduce a “new system” for health and dental care that will ensure patients get the best care possible.

Mr Cullen said he wanted to ensure people had the best possible care before any decision was made about whether to continue paying.

“We have a sick system that is no longer working and we’ve got to change it to make sure that people have the best services available,” he told the ABC’s 7:00 programme.

“There are a lot of questions being asked about the quality of care and the cost of the services that are provided and we have to look at all of that.”

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