When it came to healthcare in India, the quality of care in the country was a joke.

Even when it came up with a plan to provide health care to all the people of India, it was a massive failure.

In fact, the people in the state of Gujarat were getting their treatment from the National Institute of Health (NHI), which was under the control of the Centre.

And even after all these years, the poor and middle class people of Gujarat still have to pay Rs 100 for treatment from NHI.

The state of Kerala was also one of the states that provided free health care in every state.

Even the state that was known for providing good healthcare in the past was no more.

But it was not the only state that got worse in quality of healthcare.

The rest of the country, where it is hard to find doctors, is also struggling to provide good quality of medical care.

When it is the government that has failed, then why should anybody care about it?

Even though the government is under attack, there is no one to help.

The health sector in India is very poor, which means the quality is very low.

In the first place, the government has failed to deliver on its promise to provide free healthcare to all of its people.

Moreover, many of the facilities and treatments are being provided at a very high cost.

But even when the government provided free healthcare, it failed to provide the quality and quality of treatment to the people who had been promised it.

The reason why India has not been able to provide high quality healthcare to its people is that the government of India does not even have a single doctor to provide medical care to the poor people in its state.

It is only in a few states like Karnataka that the health sector has improved.

The Government of India has also failed to improve the quality, and quality is still not high in India.

One of the main reasons behind the poor quality of health in India and poor quality medical care is the lack of resources in the healthcare system.

This has led to a lot of poor quality and poor health care.

The Indian Government has been providing free health services to people of the poor in its states.

But the Government of the day has not given enough resources for this.

It has not provided enough funding to the doctors, or even for the hospitals to provide their patients with proper care.

Moreover the Government has not taken any steps to ensure that there is adequate infrastructure and facilities to provide adequate medical care and treatment.

The fact that the Government is not providing adequate infrastructure to deliver good quality healthcare in its hospitals and hospitals has led many of its citizens to leave the country.

So why is the health care system in India failing?

One of the biggest reasons behind it is that government of the government does not have the capacity to provide proper medical care or even to provide healthcare services to its citizens.

This is a major reason why the health system is in such a mess.

The government has to take responsibility for this and give the people the quality healthcare that they have been promised.

This can only happen through the government.

If the government gives its people good quality and good medical care, then people will trust it.

But when the Government does not give adequate funding for proper infrastructure, the state government can’t provide the services that the people need.

This will lead to more people leaving the country and the lack thereof will continue to grow.

This article was originally published in The Times Of India.

The views expressed are personal.