A family care dentistry bill has reached €5 million in damages, with the family of a child who was seriously injured in the attack claiming the bill is not a form of compensation.

The family of the six-year-old boy who died in hospital in May, had been seeking damages for damages for “medical and psychological” injuries suffered as a result of the incident, which was not the result of negligence.

A civil court judge said the bill should be paid by the hospital.

The father of the child, a doctor, told the court he had not seen a medical report on the incident and that the report was incomplete.

He also said he was not aware of the number of patients who had been treated for minor injuries after the attack.

He said his daughter was given antibiotics for pneumonia and that she had no symptoms of an illness, but his daughter suffered serious injuries to her head, back, neck and stomach, which were not treated.

“It was not an accident.

This was deliberate,” he said.”

She was put in a state of shock, suffering physical and psychological injuries.

She suffered so much that she was in a coma for six days.”

The family has not received any compensation from the hospital, but I feel that the amount is too high,” he added.

The hospital’s management had no explanation for the bill.

The doctor said the hospital was not legally responsible for the treatment of the boy and had no obligation to pay.

The court heard that the hospital had been contacted by the father of a six-month-old baby who was taken from the family when the child was seriously hurt.”

This case is not about compensation for negligence.

It is about the hospital not caring for the child,” the court said.

The civil court was told the child’s mother had told the hospital’s chief medical officer that the child had been in a serious accident and that he had been discharged from the medical department, but he had only been in hospital for a few days.

The child had undergone a serious operation to remove a tumor and needed to be treated by the pediatricians of the hospital in the days before he died.