In 2016, the state of Oregon had more than 4,200 children under the age of 6 who needed dental care.

That was up from 1,500 in 2016, but the number of visits declined by 23 percent over the previous year.

There are currently about 10,000 children who need to have their teeth checked annually to make sure they are healthy enough to receive proper care.

But there is no federal requirement to have a dentist check for dental problems in Oregon, so it can be difficult for families to find one.

When my children went into the hospital after a break, I would go into the room and talk to the nurse and she would say, “We have to get your kids checked.”

I said, “Well, what about them?”

She said, “[But] if you get your children checked you can get the fee waived for that.”

And I said: “That’s crazy.

How can you waive the fee?”

So I had to go back and ask her.

She said: “[It’s] because you don’t have the money.”

They didn’t have any money for a dentist and it was hard to pay the fees, so I had a little extra money, but I was trying to figure out how to get money to do this.

So I called a few people, and a guy called me and he was like, “This is so great.

They’re trying to pay us and I can help you.”

So I just took him up on that and he went down and got them checked and I was just like, What the hell?

I don’t know if they are going to have the funds for the fee, but we’re going to get paid for the check.

It was crazy, but luckily it was an emergency.

And we got the fee waiver.

I have had kids in my office who are older than my children, and they’re just like: “You’re really helping me.

What’s wrong with us?”

They’re so tired.

They are so scared of going to the dentist.

They just don’t want to go.

So the kids who need the dental check are in my dental office.

My office is a little bit smaller, but it’s always there for kids.

And I just see kids who are very tired, and it’s so frustrating because you have so many kids.

If you have a family that’s struggling, you need to do the best you can.

It’s not about you.

It just is what it is.

The best thing that we can do is to be there to help.

I can’t give my family anything that I can do for them, because I can never do anything about them.

If I do something, they don’t get that money.

They get to have it, so they have it and it works for them.

And if I do anything, it’s just a waste of money.

It would be nice if the state would help us with a little more dental care so we can help our kids, but that’s not going to happen.

I do have a great program with our kids.

I call them after they have gotten to school and they are just so exhausted, they are not ready to go to school.

They don’t feel like going to school at all.

And they’re so frustrated.

They have to wait.

So we have a program where we’re not telling them they can’t go to class.

We’re just saying, “Go to your room and you’ll be fine.”

We have so much compassion, and we can’t get rid of our kids because they need to be healthy.

If there is a reason to go, I’m there.

We don’t care what their parents say, and I don to get them a break.

I just have to do my best.

And it’s been great.

It is a very rewarding thing.

And the kids get so much enjoyment out of it, and that’s why I love this profession.

It makes me happy.

So thank you.

If people are reading this, thank you for reading and hopefully they can take a moment to think about what you do for your children.

I love it, but my kids are all grown now, and there are so many things I want to tell them, but now I’m not talking to them about that.

I’m talking to you about my kids.

So what is your opinion about dental care?

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