The ACT’s health sector is a major driver of the state’s economy, and it has been growing steadily.

That is good news for families.

But it is also a challenge.

While the ACT has a number of community dentists and dental clinics, it is not a major dental destination for families looking for affordable, high quality dental care.

This article focuses on how families can find the dental services they need in the state.

A few tips: Make an appointment.

There are a number dental services available in the area.

For example, the Canberra Dental Clinic provides dental care for low income patients.

It is located in the Canberra CBD and has a waiting list of up to 12 patients.

The Canberra Health Dental Services provides free dental care and is open seven days a week.

The Western Dental and Dentistry is also open seven nights a week and has more than 300 patients.

There is a 24 hour wait list and there is a limit of three appointments per month.

Check with your doctor about waiting times and how long appointments take.

Check the dental clinic’s website to find out what services are available.

Contact your dental health practitioner if you are worried about your dental care, or if you have any questions.

The dental health service is a separate organisation from the Dental Care Council of Australia.

It provides dental services to people who need them.

For more information about dental health services in WA, go to

The ACT Dental Institute provides free and affordable dental care to low income families.

It has more patients than most of the other dental clinics in the country.

The health department’s Dental Clinics website provides information about dentists, dentistry and dental insurance.

You can also contact the dental health clinic to arrange an appointment if you do not have dental insurance, or to make an appointment online.

If you are an emergency patient you may need to see your dentist in the emergency department of a hospital.

It’s important to get to know your dental insurance provider, as this may affect the availability of dental care in the event of a dental emergency.