President Barack Obama on Tuesday asked a federal judge to rule whether he is eligible for Medicare after he was ordered by a court to pay $12 million in back taxes.

Obama has already agreed to pay the money back, but the money has not been distributed.

The president is still waiting for the money to be paid.

Obama filed a motion with U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson to order the president to pay back the money owed.

He had not done so before, so his request for the judge’s permission would be timely and timely.

The request comes as the president faces a potential fiscal crisis after the federal government has taken in $4.7 trillion since the onset of the Great Recession. 

The move to seize the president’s assets was first reported by CNN and has been widely reported in the news media.

It comes just hours before Trump will visit Washington, D.C., where he is scheduled to unveil his plan for a $1.7 billion tax cut for the wealthy.