Apple is reportedly working on an Apple-branded app that could offer dentists in the U.S. a way to easily buy dental care directly from the Apple Store.

According to a report from CNET, Apple is working on a new dental app, dubbed Bell Health, which will provide consumers with an easy way to get health insurance from a dental insurer.

This news comes as Apple is under intense scrutiny over its pricing practices, including its “unfair” price of Apple Pay on iOS devices.

The report cites sources who claim that Apple is already working on new apps for other markets, including India and Russia, and that it will release new apps on a monthly basis.

Apple reportedly has been in talks with some of its suppliers about building an app to provide more convenient access to dental care for consumers.

In the past, Apple has used its App Store to launch new apps, but this time around, it’s reportedly hoping to build a dentistry app with the help of some of Apple’s partners.

The new dental apps could be a major win for Apple, which has been battling a variety of health care challenges, including a lack of health insurance for many consumers.

Last month, Apple announced it would be expanding dental care in the United States, adding a $1 billion dental insurance fund.

The announcement was met with concern from consumer advocates, who say that it could be another step in the company’s continued push to build health care for its users.

Apple also plans to launch an app for dental care on the App Store later this year.