A man who has been sent to the cleaners by Alan Pardews has been forced to make a public apology for comments he made about a “bunch of dunderheads” during the England manager’s post-match press conference on Sunday.

The comments were described by Pardeways, who was sacked from his job as England manager on Monday, as “unacceptable” by the former England boss.

Pardew said on Twitter that he was “deeply sorry” for “the way I said a few people” and he “couldn’t be more sorry”.

“I don’t want to get involved in a fight,” he said.

“It’s all about the team, it’s not about me.”

Pardews, who took charge of the England team for the first time in their 5-0 defeat of Wales on Sunday, was not in his usual post-game press conference style as he took the microphone from his wife who was present at the press conference.

He told his players: “I don’ know what happened last week but I’m sorry for the way I have been treated and that I’ve made some comments about a few of the guys.”

He also added: “You can’t be so cynical and so arrogant.

I’ve seen the work I’ve done in the past and I’ve worked with the best players and the best coaches in the world and I know how they work and how they train.”

They are not just there to get on the pitch and do their job.

They are there to make sure they are as sharp as they possibly can be.

“The England boss said he “cannot understand” the “disgusting and disgusting comments” he was subject to, and that he had been “misled” by “a few people”.

He added: “‘He [Pardes] was right to get rid of me and he will be right to go.

I was never meant to be in charge of that team.

“He said he would continue to work in football but added: ‘There’s a line you’ve got to cross, and it’s never too late to get it over with.

You’ve got a bit of time, you’ve had some bad games, a lot of bad luck and that’s all you can do.”

I’ll do what I can to make it right and that will include putting my head down and not making comments about others.

“But if you can’t deal with the situation and don’t get it right, then that’s a different line.

I will try to get that right.”

England had lost their last five matches and now sit seventh in the Premier League table with only a point from their opening three games. 

Pardees tweet also claimed that Pardes had told England players they “have to get back to work” on Sunday and that England could “never get back on the right track”.

Pardives resignation came after he was accused of trying to undermine England’s chances of retaining their World Cup place.

Pards’ former England team-mate Michael Owen said he thought Pardeman had “got a bit out of control”.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: “He’s a brilliant coach, a great manager, a wonderful man.

If he’d stayed there, I think he would have got England back to the World Cup in four years.”

You can only say so much about it, but it’s the end of an era.

“England’s World Cup qualifying campaign will start on Tuesday.