I’ve always wanted to be a dentist.

I grew up in the UK and loved the fact that my parents had both had a dentist as their children.

I’d go to a doctor’s appointment with my parents and they’d tell me to get my teeth cleaned.

Then, as a child, I’d visit my dad and get the toothpaste for my dad, too.

It was so simple and easy.

I was always taught that there’s no need to brush your teeth.

I was told brushing your teeth is a waste of time.

I remember sitting on my dad’s lap and asking him, ‘why is it that you have to go to the dentist?’

My dad just laughed and said, ‘because that’s how you know your teeth are clean’.

When I was young, I always looked up to my parents.

I loved watching them walk down the aisle to pick out the presents for the new year and then they’d say, ‘what’s your name?’

I just looked up and I said, my name is Derek.

I’m always looking for the next new iPhone and it’s a big part of why I’m so interested in Apple products.

The new iPhone 5S comes with a 5-inch 1080p display and a 3,100mAh battery, making it one of the longest lasting phones on the market.

It comes with the latest AppleCare+ warranty, meaning it’s covered by Apple’s comprehensive support program.

I like the fact I can make the decision to take my dental care seriously.

I can have my family smile, laugh and smile and laugh and then I can leave.

It’s like having a personal assistant to take care of me.

I love my dentist and it gives me peace of mind that they’ll be there when I need them.

It looks so much like what my parents did, except it’s cheaper.

I’ve never bought a phone or iPad before and I’m happy to say I’ve decided to do that, too, and buy one of these.

I don’t have any teeth and I just want to be able to have a little bit of fun with it, but I’m also interested in how it works.

It’s not like I need to go in and fix the problem and then leave it.

I love it so much I’m thinking about buying a second phone, too