Dental care centers in the United States offer free dental plans to people with autism, according to a report from the Autism Research Foundation.

The study found that the majority of dental facilities offer at least some kind of insurance, but they offer lower benefits than many other providers.

The free dental care plans are typically paid for by the patient, and include services such as braces, dental cleaning and dentures, according the report.

The free plans are not offered by all dental facilities, and some do not offer dental insurance at all.

However, the cost of insurance for such plans is typically much lower than dental care insurance.

In a statement, the Autism Foundation said it was “very pleased” with the research.

The Foundation said dental care providers need to address the issue of autism and the fact that people with disabilities are often treated poorly.

It said more research is needed on the impact of free dental insurance on the quality of care for people with special needs.

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