The president has tweeted multiple times that he is a fan of dental care workers and says he loves their work ethic.

Trump also has tweeted he is proud of the dental workers who work in the Trump International Hotel in Washington, D.C. Trump, who has repeatedly criticized his own health care system, has long called for higher premiums and deductibles for dental care.

Dental care is a top issue for many Republicans who are worried that the health care overhaul could leave millions without health care coverage.

D.A.R.E. DENTAL HEALTH INSURANCE AND CARE The Department of Veterans Affairs has spent billions of dollars on Dental Insurance and Care, the government’s insurance program for veterans, and some veterans groups have complained that the program is underfunded.

The program covers dental insurance, dental care at VA hospitals, dental assistants and dental aides, and dental assistants who work at VA clinics.

It also provides dental and vision care to veterans who are hospitalized at VA medical facilities.

Trump has said that the D.O.J. was not covered for the costs of dental coverage because the federal government is not required to provide dental insurance for veterans.

The White House says it has not decided how much it will spend on dental care and the Dental Insurers Association, a trade group, has said it is working to provide more coverage for veterans and dental care providers.

The group says the White House is using dental insurance to provide coverage to vets and dental professionals, but said it does not intend to cover dental care itself.

Trump tweeted a picture of a VA nurse giving him a checkup on Thursday.

“I’m getting a check up today,” Trump wrote in a series of tweets.

“My wife and I are so lucky to have VA.

Thank you very much!”

A D.N.C., a veterans advocacy group, said in a statement that the administration’s decision to spend more money on dental insurance “will likely cause many veterans to lose their dental coverage and could have an adverse impact on the dental health and well-being of many D. N.C.’s and other D.P.A.’s.”

A Dental Foundation of America said it was “deeply concerned” about the decision, but that the group did not think it would affect the veterans it works with.

A spokeswoman for the DFA said the administration has not made a decision on whether to offer dental coverage to veterans.

DVA, the veterans dental plan, said it “does not have an official position” on the administration deciding to pay for dental coverage, but noted that it is an option that it would provide if the program was expanded to cover all veterans.

A spokesman for the Department of Defense said that while it does have dental insurance plans available to the armed forces, it would have to pay a premium to cover the cost of dental treatment.

“The cost of coverage varies widely, depending on the size of your household and your individual needs,” spokesman Capt. Sean Smith said in an email.

The administration has said in recent weeks that it will not cover dental treatment for vets who are uninsured.

The D.V.A., which was founded in 1890 and is a government agency, said its current coverage does not include dental care for veterans who receive VA care.

The agency said it would begin providing dental care to all veterans under the program if the Affordable Health Care Act was repealed.