Posted   February 06, 2020 16:31:51Australian travel agent, blogger and travel blogger, Chris Bate has just started flying on Virgin Australia.

He was recently offered 50,000 Virgin Australia Frequent Flyer (FTD) miles – a first for him and first for someone with an Australian passport.

But he says this is not what he was looking for. 

“In Australia, you have a certain set of rules regarding how long you can travel and it’s usually a period of one year,” Bate said.

“In other countries, people can travel for years.

And it’s like, well we all do what we love doing here and this is the perfect opportunity for us to just get out and do it.” 

“You can travel a long time, and you get to see a lot of countries and meet a lot a lot.

So it’s very much a two-way street.”

Bate is a blogger who regularly writes about the travel industry and how it is changing.

He says a key part of the travel process is making connections, and his first few weeks with Virgin Australia had his first overseas stop in Singapore. 

As well as his first 100 miles, Bate used his British Airways Virgin Mobile miles to fly to Amsterdam for the same reason.

“[The first time] I was really nervous and I felt I was going to miss my connections in London or in Melbourne,” he said.

“So I just started looking into my options and there’s no difference between British Airways and Virgin Mobile.

They’re all the same, there’s the same flights, all the hotel deals, and the same deals on flights.

For people with an eligible British Virgin Mobile card, this will get them on a free daily flight to a destination of their choice from the UK. “

Virgin has everything going on, and they know exactly how to make you feel safe,” he says. 

For people with an eligible British Virgin Mobile card, this will get them on a free daily flight to a destination of their choice from the UK.

For Bate, the extra miles were a great way to make use of all the flights Virgin offers, whether it was to Berlin for a family event, or to Melbourne for a business retreat.

However, for many people with non-British Virgin Mobile cards, the new rules will not be the same.

A UK spokesperson told the ABC that Bate’s offer was based on a non-UK travel insurance scheme.

The spokesperson did not reply to questions about whether a non – British Virgin mobile travel insurance plan would be available to anyone with an approved UK-based travel insurance policy.

The spokesperson says British Airways does not cover non-british residents in the UK, and that the airline does not provide discounted fares on non – Brits’ cards.

On top of that, the spokesperson says that it would be unfair for Bate to be charged the same price for his Virgin account as other British users.

This may mean British Airways won’t be able to offer Bate an offer from its network, since his account is based in Singapore and not in the United Kingdom, the spokesman says.

Virgin Australia also offered Bate his first trip on a domestic flight to the US on a Virgin United Airlines (VUAL) card.

Virgin says the offer will only be available through the US app. 

Bate was unable to find any other UK-issued travel insurance in his Virgin accounts, and when he tried to compare prices online he found that the rate from Virgin was cheaper than from other carriers.

But Virgin Australia says it can offer discounts and additional benefits.

If Virgin was offering the lowest price, then a lot more people would have bought their tickets online, with a lot less travel left to be done.

Despite this, Virgin says the price it offered to Bate was cheaper.

Viruss Airlines is another popular UK-listed airline, but has not been on the Virgin travel insurance program.

Fares are subject to change on Virgin’s website and sometimes, the airlines offer extra rewards.

Some people have said they are happy with their Virgin experience so far, but they’re likely to be disappointed in their rate.